The superior quality of Hickory House smoked salmon in ensured first by the care in which only the finest Atlantic Salmon is selected. We employ new techniques with time honored traditions to provide consistent taste and texture. Each side is dry cured with salt and brown sugar and smoked using a natural hickory smoke until a full, mild and distinctive flavor is achieved.

Why use Hickory?

Natural Hickory Smoke is used as it gives a more delicate flavor to the salmon, allowing the texture and taste of the salmon to be more distinct; while the Hickory Smoke gives a great after-tasting experience.

Why use Hickory House?

Only the Finest Fresh Atlantic Salmon are hand selected and cured by our Master Smoker. Our Award winning salmon has achieved culinary excellence and recognition throughout Europe and America. With 25 years of continued passion, the family at Hickory House continues to strive to exceed your expectations from our Products.

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